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Hometown: Kingdom of Darkness, NJ
Genres: Metal / Death / Doom
Label: Profound Lore Records
Members: John Paradiso, Chris Molinari, Nick Orlando, Dave Wagner, Don Zaros, Vince Verkay

Evoken is an American death/doom metal band from New Jersey, who has been influenced by a wide variety of bands and music such as: Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Portishead, Winter, Disembowelment, King Crimson, Swans, Lustmord, Black Sabbath, Thergothon, and Hawkwind. The band’s name Evoken, was taken from the Thergothon song found on the Fhtagn nagh Yog-Sothoth demo. Evoken was founded in April 1992 under the name Funereus, with the original line up consisting of Rob (Bass/Vocals), Nick (Guitar), Phil (Guitar), and Vince (Drums). They recorded what would be the only Funereus release, which was a rehearsal demo in 1992. After briefly changing their name to Asmodeus the following year, the band eventually decided upon the name Evoken in 1994, after several lineup changes.

The band has completed 2 European tours, the first being a mini-tour in 2003, with Dutch doomsters Officium Triste, and Portugese doom band Desire; both fantastic bands. In April 2009, Evoken completed a second and more extensive tour again with Officium Triste, and adding Swedish doom vikings Isole. This was an extremely well-received tour, and gave the band the opportunity to perform their first two shows in Finland, and finishing up the two week tour at the Firebox Metalfest. Two years later, Evoken returned to Western Europe to play the heaviest, and most respected festival on planet Earth: Roadburn Festival. This was the band’s second attempt at Roadburn, after being invited to play by Thomas Gabriel Fischer (Tom G. Warrior) in 2010 .The first attempt at Roadburn was thwarted by Mother Nature, in the form of volcano Eyjafjallajökull’s highly disruptive eruption. Evoken have played several states in the US, with plans to expand these shows to more locations throughout the country.

Evoken is one of the earliest US doom/death metal bands that are still active today, which is an accomplishment not easily achieved. The bands first full-length release came thanks to Elegy Records, who in Evoken’s early days, were the only label to step forward and ignore all mainstream trends.

After leaving Avantgarde Music of Italy and releasing two albums with the label signed to I Hate Records of Sweden in January 2007, Evoken released their most recent full-length album; the highly regarded “A Caress of the Void,” and a 2009, split EP with Swedish doomsters Beneath the Frozen Soil.

Recently, Evoken have found a new home with the rising Canadian label Profound Lore Records. Evoken are currently writing new material for their next album, which is due out in early 2012, and with subsequent tours to follow in support of the new album. You have been warned!

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Print : June, 2012