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Murder League All-Stars

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Murder League All-Stars

Murder League All-Stars is the latest sound in the Metal/HipHop crossover genre. This fresh new sound promises to bring back the composition of old school hip-hop and the thunderous guitar riffs of metal to music enthusiasts’, both young and old. Hip Hop and Metal of the 80′s, 90″s and early 2000′s were once about having a good time, until it turned corporate, predictable and saturates the airwaves with what THEY think YOU want to hear. ?We are bringing a historic fresh sound to the masses that will not be confused with anything else you have heard before!

Murder League All-Stars

Murder League All-Stars is just that, All-Stars from bands once responsible for their fresh sound. As the lead MC, Tim McMurtrie aka “T”, was not only the founding member of rap/metal band Rhythm Trip, but is the original guitarist of M.O.D., as well as Full Scale Riot. MLAS bassist Jeff Wood’s experience comes from years of playing with bands such as Dillinger Escape Plan, Full Scale Riot and SHAT. Mike Huffnagel is our youngest All-Star, but his talent far exceeds his experience. Dave Lescinsky, formally of Hades and currently manning the drums for MLAS and side project Autumn Hour, has toured extensively throughout Europe and the US. Eddie Night has the vocal spot for the All-Stars, he comes from the New York metro-area hardcore scene when bands like the Cro-Mags, Bad Brains, Agnostic Front, Murphy’s Law and many others reigned supreme. Eddie was the vocalist of New Jersey metal band, Ten Feet From Murder, who opened for metal veterans such as Testament and many other big names. DJ MixMaster Motiv from the underground hip-hop group IconAclass adds the legitimate old school turntable skills to complete the revolutionary sound.

Murder League All-Stars

We are Murder League All-Stars.

Print                                                                 : June, 2013        

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