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CrystalNight (Symphonic Progressive Metal)

I shall start by saying that the story of the band CrystalNight is very unusual and connected with occasional event. In 2005, two musicians Max and Leo got acquainted in one of the local “biker’s rally.” They both had friends and hearty musical history in common, and they decided to create a musical project together. I would like to point out that the results of their fruitful work nudged them to refinement, Max and Leo decided to round up a squad.


The first person who came to the band was Maxim Senchilo (bass-guitar). All members of the band started to search for a drummer. At that time, Julia Hanol (vocals) had joined to the band. The original cast performed a lot of different concerts, festivals and “metal-measures” ...It is very difficult to say exactly what kind of music the band performed, when asked, “What is the style of the music do you perform?” We answered, “Electronic melodic death techno power metal,” and the band’s name was “Power Jem.” After long discussions it was decided that the new name the band become CrystalNight.


At first, CrystalNight hadn’t a consistent drummer. But our composer Max, determined that in the music style of “melodic death-power,” session drummer, Kyrilchyk Oleksandr, joined to the band in the end of the 2006, and the Max became the new Lead-guitar/Vocalist of the band. As a result of the rapid development of Max’s skills as composer, there were now required long selections of synthesizer; Maha was chosen for this role. The perfection of the collective creative effort of the band, CrystalNight spawned a new demo “The Sadow,” in the style of Sympho Progressive Metal.


2008 was a critical time for the CrystalNight; new musicians came to band: Mary (synthesizers) and Kyrilchyk Sasha (drums), and we then decided to engage music very seriously. We performed a lot of concerts in 2008. In 2009 the band organized “Metal Heads’ Mission” in Zhitomir; with some changes in CrystalNight’s roster; Sergii Gorkavenko - Bass-guitar and Donets Stepan - Drums. The start of the 2010 year was very fruitful for the band – we performed a lot of concerts with the band “Коррозия Металла\Corrosion of Metal,” performance on DMA XXII “Progression Towards Melodies,” “Terroraiser Fest,” and many others. The band became the festival contingent; “Iron March” in Ukraine. In 2012 The band began work on a dense record of the first official album composed by Max Romeo - Vocal/Solo Guitar, Sergii Gorkavenko - Bass-guitar, Mary- Keyboards, Donets Stepan - Drums (from Hungary), Leo - Guitars, and Jozsef Horvath - Vocal (from Hungary).


Symphonic Prog Metal

Max Romeo - Vocal/Solo Guitar
Sergii Gorkavenko-Bass-guitar
Mary - Keyboards
Donets Stepan - Drums
Leo - Guitars
Jozsef Horvath-Vocal

Zhitomir, Ukraine

Record Label:
Metal Messiah label USA

Current Location:
Zhitomir, UKRAINE


Print                                                                 : June, 2013        

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