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Stagger [Metal, NJ]
by Ethan Murphy

Ethan Murphy

Hails & Horns Everyone!!!

My name is Ethan Murphy, Singer-Songwriter for US Metal Band Scars Of Envy as well as a long time fan of Rock Show I was invited to write an article for the publication and I was more than happy to accept. My time in the music industry has been a whirlwind of ups & downs, amazing experiences and difficult obstacles. All part of “the road” and taking on a dreamesque occupation that I bide my time for and devote so much energy to become a reality. Personally, I only want to write decent music that inspires, helps some through dark times and to meet amazing people all over the world.

So far, 2013 is summing up to be an interesting year in music, from band member terminations, bands calling it quits to new bands forming from members of mainstream artists. One thing I will say is that I am no fan of overly produced music, auto-tune and the whole digital era of music that is pumping out music that cannot be performed live. I do like the fact that “bedroom studios” are on the rise. As artists, we need the power in our hands, we need creative control and we need to own the rights to our music. Bands of today are becoming more resilient and inventing new ways to change the system to work in our favor.


I recently caught up with my good friends in the US Metal band Stagger, who are no green horns to the scene and who are personally a great bunch of dudes who support everyone who shares our passion for music. Stagger hail from the East Coast and they are as close as a pack of wolves. Their comradery is an inspiration for all bands. The music shows their love for metal. Their come as you are take on life is adored by fans worldwide and the down to Earth and partying personalities they all have as individuals makes for one great live show. Hit them up on Facebook, ReverbNation, and Twitter, and say hello. They will respond and invite you to join one of their parties as well as introduce you to their vast network of musicians, performers and friends alike.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Stagger who are currently performing in the Tri-State area.


Origin of the band: Stagger was hatched in 2007 Scott Ferguson is the only original Member left. Carmine Diamonte came along shortly after to play drums. Shawn Buchann moved from Bass to Guitar, and Joe Giordano came in early 2008 to play bass. After parting ways with our singer, Mike Diamonte became our New Singer early 2009. Shawn had to leave the band we went through one more guitarist then added Nick Dowe.

Discography and/or Songs, Releases, EPs: Chaos In The Flesh 2010


Personal Hobbies, Occupations or Interests: We love to drink beer lol, Playing our Metal, hanging with our Friends and Family and Messing with people when they pass out.

Influences: V.O.D. Bloodlet, Metallica, In Flames, Deftones, Cannibal Corpse, OverKill. We have a wide range from Metal to Rap.


Thoughts on the current state of the music industry: Wow Loaded question, basically we feel so many indie bands are overlooked and bands that are being noticed and signed are not long lasting, they hit and fade away.

Suggestions for DIY Bands: Work, Self promote like mad, Be a part of the scene, don’t stand alone, and get to know everyone in and out of the scene, and be great to your fans. Make your shows something to remember.


Favorite Venue: we have a couple; Stone Pony, Brighton Bar, Cherry Street Station.

Tour Stories / Craziness during travel, on stage or after partying: Wow so much to list for this one; From our old Guitarist crapin his self in the airport as we were leaving for tour in Europe, and the passing out on the plane in the aisle on take off cuz he was ripped snortin drunk. Or ass face each other when one of us pass out after a show. But mainly it’s being together after the show we are a family; a very tight knit group.


Band(s) you dream to perform with: In Flames, Overkill, Bloodlet, V.O.D., Slayer

Supported Humanitarian Causes: Food Bank, Neptune, NJ.

Future of band: Keep Making Metal. New album due out soon titled Liquid Date, and head back to Europe on tour and hope to do a small U.S tour as well.

Concert Calendar: September 28 Cherry Street Station, CT.


Ok, Rockers.. my time is done here for now, thanks for taking time to check out my boys Stagger. Please help support the local music scene & Occupy a Venue, buy some merch and spread the word.

Signing Off!

~Ethan Murphy

Stagger YouTube Videos Produced by Marc Petrick

Print                                                                 : June, 2013        

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