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Jose Hernandez Jr.

Featured Interview:
Jose Hernandez Jr.
by Lisa LaPorta

Lisa LaPorta

Actor (17 titles)
2013 Scavenger Killers (post-production)

2012 The Night Never Sleeps

2012 Person of Interest (TV series)
Latino #2
– Baby Blue (2012) … Latino #2

2011 Between Ethyl and Regular (short)

2011 Michael & Javier (short)

2011/I Jesse

2010 Una calle sin salida (short)

2009 America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back (TV series documentary)
Jaime Aroche
– Jaime Aroche (2009) … Jaime Aroche

2008 Watching the Detectives (TV series)
– 02: The Terminator (2008) … Thug (uncredited)

2007 Steam
Customer #3 (uncredited)

2005 State Property 2
Latino Body Guard

2004 Coalition

2004 16w (short)

2003 Particles of Truth
Bouncer #1

2001 Oz (TV series)
Jorge Vasquez
– Cuts Like a Knife (2001) … Jorge Vasquez

2001 La pelota (short)
Angel Lopez

1998 Shampoo Horns
Grocer's Son

Miscellaneous Crew (1 title)
2001 Stealing Home: The Case of Contemporary Cuban Baseball (TV documentary) (voice-over - as Josť HernŠndez Jr.)

Self (1 title)
2012 Food Hound: Tidbits (TV series)
– Brimstone: The Brimstone Red (2012) … Himself
– Bumblefoot: The Bumble Shot (2012) … Himself
– Learn the Meaning of Gersha (2012) … Himself
– Luscious: The Purple Boa (2012) … Himself
– Over 500 Beers in This House (2012) … Himself

Jose Hernandez Jr.

LL: How did you get into acting?

JH: Many years ago, I answered one of those generic and less than truthful “calls to stardom” ads you always hear about from time to time that prey on the hopes and dreams of would be hopefuls and wound up like a lot of other unsuspecting dreamers. I wound up being “taken” for a hefty sum and it took me a while to pay the debt off but finally did. Worked my day job a few more years and when that went “south,” I returned to the “business” and decided to cautiously try again. After a lot of networking, asking questions, persistence and trial and error, I soon began to work and make a living as a professional actor. It isn’t without its pitfalls, heartaches and disappointments as your primary “job” is always to land a “gig.”

LL: What was your experience like working on Oz?

JH: Working on “OZ” was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had working in the business. The camaraderie between cast and crew, the steady gig, working on one of the greatest series in T.V. history, making so many friends from the experience, the popularity and notoriety the show brought and had and having the distinction as being the most memorable character deaths on “OZ” was the icing on the cake!

LL: Do you feel you get type casted because of your look?

JH: Truthfully, yes and no. I myself have cultivated the “professional bad guy for hire” look AFTER my initial “good guy” or “face” approach didn’t pan out. I reversed my “hero” approach simply because of certain turns in life events that didn’t necessarily mirror the good guy. I would rather be an employed bad guy than an unemployed good guy any day. IF that means being typecast, so be it. Work is the goal of ANY actor. The downside is when you have guys who are made up to look like or are cast as “heavies” AND to take it a step further... “LATINO” or “HISPANIC” when they clearly are not in any way. Creative casting has been a downside to many an actor’s work load or body of work.

LL: What projects are you currently working on?

JH: I have several projects on the table being pitched at me and tossed around but solely in the talking stages. I’ve been cast in an upcoming independent film “Ring Of Angels,” an off Broadway play “When Love Dies,” as well as an upcoming television series “Whatever It Takes,” that are all currently under pre-production. Also looking to working on and filming with my “brothers” and “bad ass mother rockers” Black Water Rising with respect to their upcoming video shoot for their NEW second album set to release this summer. However, later on this year, completed projects like the feature film “Jamesyboy,” the feature film “Scavenger Killers,” the indie film “Heaven,” and the series “The Ghouligans,” will all debut at various respective scheduled times.

Jose Hernandez Jr.

LL: Are there any roles that you would like to play that you haven’t done already?

JH: Ironically, I’ve already played or portrayed the greatest role I could ever play as an actor, without pay and solely NOT affiliated with “Hollywood” or “show business.” Over the years, I’ve played the role of Jesus Christ for several different churches in my hometown and birthplace of Paterson, N.J. Coincidentally the birthplace of fellow Puerto Rican entertainer and salsa singer the late Frankie Ruiz, actor and comedian Patrick Warburton and the legendary iconic actor and comedian Lou Costello. All or most who know me, know I am a person of faith and spirituality, note I didn’t say perfect or without my respective flaws. I am what I call a “man in training.” With respect to the show business or entertainment side of things, I would love to tackle the rumored Warner Brothers DC Comics movie adaptation of the character known as “LOBO.” I have a great natural resemblance to the iconic comic strip character. Stan Lee’s (of Marvel comics fame) favorite DC character!

LL: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

JH: I hope and pray still working and thriving as an accomplished and successful actor doing even bigger and greater things and on the lips, hearts, minds; not to mention pulse of not only the A-list group of entertainers and decision makers in the business, but on those of the welcoming viewing public. My ultimate goal is to receive the “Oscar” statue for best actor in a motion picture.

LL: Are you currently involved in any charities or organizations? Any passions that you would like to speak about?

JH: There are two organizations I am currently involved with at this time, Kickin’ It, an anti bullying campaign in tandem with the Rocky Marciano Foundation and the Rock Asylum Foundation spearheaded by organization founders and rock group ZO2. Both are aimed towards children and their welfare, well being, education and futures. Kickin’ It is near and dear to me because I myself was bullied in school as a child and know the pain associated with bullying and the very real need for the program and campaign. The Rock Asylum Foundation helps inner city school children excel and thrive in school with the help of its musical programs and curriculum. Invest in a child now to make a better adult in the future.

LL: Do you have any tattoos, if so, are you interested in getting anymore? Also, would you be interested in getting tattooed by Ink Couture NYC?

JH: Yes, I have two separate existing tattoos; one on each upper arm. Like many others among us, both my tattoos tell a story and UNLIKE a lot of people are not your typical team logo, cartoon, band, etc. I’ve often entertained the thought of possibly one more tattoo as it’s been a number of years since I’ve gotten my tattoos. Maybe even a re-inking. Anything is certainly up for discussion at the very least. Why not?

Jose Hernandez Jr.

I would like to thank my friend Jose for taking the time to do this interview with me.

~Lisa XoXo

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