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Hollywood Halford

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by Hollywood Halford

Well what can I say about the metal god that hasn't been said before... He's amongst some of the greatest pioneers of the musical genre known as heavy metal? He's a pioneer of the soaring high-note screaming? He's just plain awesome? Well... He's all of the above and then some...

Hello all you metal maniacs; this is Hollywood Halford (aka Hollywood How) of New York's own Judas Priest tribute band, "Unleash The Priest!" :) I'm here to talk about the one and only, the metal man, the metal myth, the metal legend, and let’s not to forget, the metal GOD - Rob Halford...

Hollywood Halford

Truth be told, despite being a tremendous lifelong fan of the almighty Judas Priest, there's probably not a whole heck of a lot that I can say about Rob Halford that hasn't already been said in all the metal magazines and websites. I CAN, however, talk about how Halford along with the rest of the band has influenced myself, my friends, and all of all of my "heavy metal acquaintances" in becoming (or at least wanting to become) a musician - many moons ago... So here we go...

Back in the late 70's and early 80's when I was a "very young lad" (and the keyword there folks is "VERY" lol), there were only a small handful of bands that I would listen to as religiously as I did Black Sabbath and Kiss. That was, until I starting hearing about this band called Judas Priest... After immediately becoming a huge fan, many friends from the neighborhood, from school, and myself would just obsess over Priest! Cranking their albums, learning to play their songs (on drums, guitar and/or bass), and constantly talking about them sort of became the norm back then. And when you obsess over Priest, well aside from taking a close listen to one of the most notorious guitar duos in heavy metal history - Glenn and KK, you simply had no choice but to make serious acknowledgment of Rob Halford! But before getting into that, let me just backtrack a bit... Judas Priest as a whole, influenced not only myself as a young aspiring musician, but each and everyone of my musician friends/peers...

With the dozens of guitar players and bass players that I was friends with back then, I can say with complete certainty that each and everyone of them along with myself were influenced in some way by Priest, and every single one of us knew how to play at least a handful of Priest songs on our respective instruments. In fact, starting out as a drummer, one of the very first two songs that I ever learned how to play was "Breaking The Law" (the other one being Black Sabbath's "Paranoid"). Now here we are over three decades later, and still to this day, I meet musicians all the time who were influenced by Priest.

Hollywood Halford

But it wasn't only the loud crunchy guitars and the pounding drums that made Priest who they are... There was another very crucial element to the formula that separated them from all other bands... Simply put, "their band" included one Rob Halford... Yes indeed the "metal god" has EARNED that title - and not just because of the song... Here's a guy with an operatic sort of singing style that he incorporated into their own brand of music - METAL!! Hearing songs like "Victim of Changes", "Dissident Aggressor", "Beyond The Realms of Death", etc. etc - the vocal range and style and the SCREAMING that went into these legendary works of art was unprecedented. Soaring high notes powerfully held for several measures straight have become sort of a trademark for the metal god. Lo and behold, being completely baffled and blown away by this, at the ripe age of 10 years old, I was left to wonder only one thing - "How the fuck does he do that???"... Then there was his outfits... By the early 80's, Halford was coming out onstage with a stage attire that would define what he was known for as well... When you went to see Priest in concert, you weren't just getting a guy dressed simply in jeans and a t-shirt. You were getting ROB HALFORD - the guy who was dressed from head to toe in leather, metal, spikes, chains, handcuffs, and sometimes even carried a whip! You were getting a guy who screams his head off and just blowing the roof off arenas all around the world!! And to top it all off, throw him on a motorcycle to ride into the arena and right onto the stage, then he pauses for dramatic effect, looks around and stares at the crowd who are going absolutely berserk for him, and then for some more added excitement, he puts his foot down to make the engine roar a bit, and finally he sings the entire next song (which would be "Hell Bent For Leather") while on the motorcycle. Right there you knew that you were witnessing the man who was, is, and always will be, the metal god!! Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the one and only Rob Halford, right here on Rock Show Magazine!! I only wish that I was the one doing that interview!

Hollywood Halford

Keep it METAL people! \m/ \m/
Hollywood Halford
Unleash The Priest

Print                                                                 : June, 2013        

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