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Crystal's Vision Horoscope

Crystal's Vision Horoscope
for June/July 2013
by Crystal


Horoscope for June 2013

June~ Advanced Times Happening... Pleasure of surroundings will be important this month... but don’ forget your roots... Growing spiritually is quicker than usual.

Health~ Answers will start to unfold... pay attention to signs & symbolism... Now is a good time to learn new notes to follow... while keeping who you are in check.

Speaking of Checks... For Gemini Money improves more toward the end of month~ however you will discover that it takes money being put into a project etc. to make money. Let your fears of what your heart desires unveil... when it comes to talent... there is no stopping you... it is your core interest at heart. Also Gemini you are known at the Artist~ Cancer... hold tight... your money improves by early to late July... when it comes to new beginnings open the doors... don’t hesitate... the moment is here for transition in June.

For all Zodiac Signs~ Develop your Rhythm & follow the leads of your own Intuition. There is a transitional cycle going on the speed of light... those who pay attention will only gain from these signs... Now is a time for Focus & embracing new thought processes....while working with your heart & soul toward ones goals... don’t let fears or the unknown become an obstacle... simply believe there are not any!

Stones most valuable to wear for June~ Pearl~ & Moonstone... both magnetizing... Also Alexandrite is best for Clearance & Spiritual force in ones favor...

Horoscope for July 2013

July~ Magical~ Prayers are being answered... staying optimistic this month is important as major events... & goals start to be accomplished... For some it will be simple things that make life easier...

For Leo~ New Opportunities for work will occur, perhaps a different career all together... changes will be occurring no matter what... Money gets back on its feet for you by August through the fall~

Love for Leo will be rekindling with one’s self in order to maintain a current relationship or begin a new one in the coming year... Cancer money is a focus for you as well... allow the new beginnings to occur without doubt... new additions are in play for you cancers... love... real estate & mental health...

For All Zodiac Signs~ July can be very steamy for you... as long as you are true to yourself & realize what it is you truly want... such as Love~ & Career... Follow Ones Passions~ when it comes to health most of us have allergens we never knew of... this is a time to find out what those are...

Friendships reengaging & Vacations are peak between July to Fall Months... & New Beginnings to those accepting of new ideas... but all in all it is an individual Destiny for us All... July has dicey cards that can bring us great gain if played correctly & intuitively... Blessings... to All... Stones most helpful this month~ Ruby & Carnelian...

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