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About Rock Show Magazine:

Rock Show Magazine is a FREE online magazine for All Types of Rock and Roll Music, Bands, Concerts, Venues, Events, Benifits, etc., and the people associated with it. Send us the photos you take at shows, send us your reviews, and we'll consider using them in an upcoming issue. For bands/promoters/venues, if you promote us, we'll promote you, it's that simple.

Founded by Donnie Tranchina, and Lou Doom, released their premier issue in June of 2011.

If you'd like us to feature your band or venue in an upcoming issue, all you have to do is tell all your friends about us! Have them contact us. If they join our facebook pages, have them mention your band or venue. Come to our shows; meet and party with our staff!

If you happen to know of a local band in your area that's burning up the club scene, write a review, include a few pics (show us the place was packed), and send it to us. We want to know about it! We might even include your review in an upcoming issue!

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If you're a photographer, and you go to all the shows, and need someplace to showcase your talent, contact us.

If you're an aspiring writer, and think you can offer us something different or unique, or simply have a knack for writing, contact us!

Are you a real Rock n Roller? You don't have to be in a band to be a Rock Star! We are currently seeking writers for monthly columns, articles, reviews, etc., etc. We are also seeking BASIC HTML coders to help develop the website. And, we are definitely seeking Street Team Leaders in Your Area!

If you enjoy Rock and Roll, or you think you're a Rock Star, and have the attitude to prove it! If you go to all the shows, and you absolutely have to be in the first row! If you enjoy writing and have that certain knack for expressing yourself, as only YOU can do it, we want YOU! If you like taking pictures, and getting to know all the VIP's; if you like being the center of attention, and you need to know all the gossip, we want YOU! We are seeking highly motivated individuals that can hit the ground running. You don't need to be a rocket scientist, and having a Rock n Roll attitude is key.

Unfortunately, at that moment we are not able to pay our collaborators, but if you have what we're looking for, you’re in on the ground floor. You may be published, and added as an official member of our staff. Enjoy the benefits of attending any and all Rock Show Magazine Concerts/Events for FREE, plus much, much more.

We welcome any and all questions, comments, ideas, or suggestions; please contact us by clicking here: Contact Us

Rock Show Magazine

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Chief Executive/Editor In Chief

Lou Doom
Chief Creative Officer/Executive Editor

If you've enjoyed any of the articles posted here, or are interested in supporting our work and would like to contribute, you are welcome to make a small donation below. It will be a great help and will surely be appreciated.

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